Our Story

Our mission is to create the world's most memorable scents and help you get rid of the unpleasant ones

la Brise de parfums was founded in 1999. This makes us one of the pioneers of scent marketing in Singapore and Southeast Asia. We provide innovative scenting solutions, scents and scent-related products.

Today, our discerning clients include hoteliers, retailers, real-estate developers, professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants) and other business people. They use our services and products to help:

• Increase sales

• Raise productivity

• Enhance learning

• Provide a positive experience for their clients

• Improve indoor-air quality, and

• Eliminate malodour

We are able to provide unique, customised scents for almost any workplace and home: hotels, shopping malls, corporate offices, fitness centres, restaurants, banks and theatres. We can create your very own Signature Scent to enhance your brand value, and incorporate this scent into gifts such as reed diffusers, room sprays, linen / pillow mist, potpourri, scented candles, etc.

We partner the world’s best fragrance houses and developers of technologically-advanced fragrance-dispensing systems, and so are able to provide reliable, premium-quality scent solutions.

We can develop scents with specific properties such as anti-bacterial scents, stress-relieving scents and odour-removing fragrances and so are able to offer you a solution that fits your needs.

We have more than 17 years of experience formulating scent solutions for workplaces and homes, and so can provide scents that are safe for humans and pets.

Scenting your environment can leave a memorable, positive impression of your brand and venue; help to increase both sales and productivity; and help with health, learning and anchoring of memories. la Brise de parfums delivers just the right scent for your needs.