Ambient Scenting

Why Ambient Scenting

One of the most profound effects of fragrances is their ability to radically mould impressions.

Many real-world and laboratory studies have shown that a person’s interpretation of an environment or event is profoundly influenced, often unconsciously, by smell. Among the five sense, the sense of smell is unique: with all the other senses you think before you respond, but with scent your brain responds before you think.

You too can subtly yet powerfully shift the overall impression of your spaces or events. Your shop environment can become so desirable that customers linger longer and buy more; your office so pleasant and refreshing that employees enjoy their work; your product launch smell so amazing that it becomes an occasion to remember.


Where Can Ambient Scenting Be Used?

  • In hotel lobbies, corridors and guest rooms, to enhance customer experience.
  • In retail stores, to anchor your brand and enhance the quality of your products and services.
  • In offices and workplaces, to improve air quality of your products and services.
  • In schools and child care centers, to improve the concentration of students and relieve stress for teachers.
  • In hospitals, to increase resistance to infectious diseases for patients and health-care professionals, and to speed up recovery process of patients.
  • In venues where product launches, corporate parties or wedding are held, to enhance corporate image or create the desired mood for lasting memories.
  • With its unique combination of expertise, scents and apparatus, la Brise de parfums can help to enhance your environment, spice up your space and spritz up your place.