Why Businesses Are Turning to Fragrance Companies for Sales

Elizabeth Ho

Ambient scent make sales

Scent plays an important role to ensure positive impression at the first point of contact with your customer. May it be a lady walking into your boutique retail store for the first time or a business executive, who attends a conference and stays in your hotel. A whiff of a relaxing aroma will make all the difference when they walk into place of your business. It has the ability to instantly transform their bad mood into a more positive one. Especially if you use floral scents such as wild orange you can get one of the best mood enhancing benefits. That is why a lot of ambitious marketers and entrepreneurs are starting to explore the concept of scent marketing. For a lot of them such as Rolls Royce or Singapore Airlines it has become an integral part of their marketing strategy along with auditory and visual tactics. Imagine that you could package all the qualities you believe in and what you want your brand to represent (innovative, luxurious, provocative, traditional, etc) and capture its essence in one unique scent. We as scent marketing experts can help you craft it for you. In some cases even gift it you. Imagine owning your proprietary custom scent. You can think about it as a scent logo. Your company logo that people can smell. How powerful is that? If youcan connect with your customer on this deep emotional level how do you think it can affect your bottom line? Your repeated business from the same customer? This is what we are talking about here. Study after study shows scent’s profound and unique ability to subconsciously interact with your customer and create your desired outcome. Be it in a retail store, hospital, restaurant, gym or any other business premises. Once you capture their sense of smell, there is no turning back.

How scent marketing works:

According to research, scent is closely tied with our emotions and memories. This is because sense of smell has direct and unique connection to our limbic system. For those of you who are out from school for more than five years the limbic system is that part of our brain responsible for processing and storing emotional connections and memories. For some it might be the great smell of cookies your grandma made for you and the warm feeling around your heart this memory can arouse. This makes smell the king of senses when we are talking about emotions and memories. Auditory and visual impressions pale in comparison. Actually, they don’t even come close. Can you smell the competitive edge this can give to your business? In a world where most of your competition is only addressing the eyes and ears?

The first step on the journey is to speak with a reliable ambient scenting company that shows you how you can engage customer’s olfactory sense to improve their sensory experience. In turn your company aroma has the potential to evoke a favorable action from your customer and further motivates him or her to create and strengthen their emotional connection with your brand. Like Apple for smartphones you can become the first emotional choice in your industry. This behavioral transformation leads purchasing intent to increase. Studies further shows that scents can help persuade your customers to hang around your place of business for longer. As a direct result the chance of additional sales grows substantially.

How to use scent marketing strategy in your business:

You are now digesting all this information and you may think to explore and deploy a scent marketing strategy for your business. Perhaps you need to increase your sales, have more customers visit your store, and encourage them to stay in your store for longer. Regardless of your reason, keep in mind that scent marketing is more than just diffusing aroma in your business facility. In fact, it is a huge component of your overall marketing strategy. That’s why some corporations hire fragrance companies in order to find the right scent that will help them connect with their customers. With these companies, they can be certain that the scent will bring positive customer experience and repeated business. In case the aroma does not appeal to your customers or doesn’t match with the vibe of your brand it can work against you and even result in consumers turning away from your retail space. So always make sure that you know what you are doing. That being said, it is very important to choose a scent that amplifies your message and blends naturally with your overall marketing efforts increasing their effectiveness at the same time.

Aside from the context of your shop, you also need to consider the season, your store location, and the type of customers you target. If you need help finding the perfect custom scent, get in touch with la Brise de parfums’ team. We have helped many companies from different fields to find the right aroma and achieve their business goals. Get in touch with our team and allow us to help you get the best results from scent marketing today.

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