The Best Essential Oils for Your Health

Elizabeth Ho

The power of scent. You may be familiar how it can remind you of so many beautiful memories. It can trigger a mental image of your favorite restaurant, a special occasion with your loved one, or even a family vacation. Professionally crafted scents have the innate ability to bring you back relive this special moments. But what you may not realize is that scent can do more than just remind you of special occasions. It has the potential to improve your health. With the use of essential oil, you can sleep better at night, have more radiant skin, eliminate anxiety, and a lot more.

Essential oils are also known as volatile aromatic compounds. They protect the plant from harsh environmental conditions and insects, play an important part in plant pollination, and even give a plant its aroma.

Each and every person has his or her own needs and preferences. The advantage of essential oils is their ability to offer wide-ranging benefits that can match your individual needs. Fortunately you don’t need to be an expert to use and enjoy the countless advantages that essential oils hold. They only thing necessary is the basic understanding how to safely use them during your daily routine.

Not sure where to start and which essential oil to choose? Read on for more details on how to find the best essential oils for your health care needs.

Lavender: do you need an essential oil that relieve stress and give you peace of mind? Then lavender essential is just what you need. It is well known for its soothing and relaxing qualities. This oil has natural stress-relieving properties that promote deep relaxation and protects you against anxious feelings. Lavender not only boosts your mood but also gives you radiant skin health when it relieves irritations and other minor skin issues. On top of that you can even use it for ease the muscle ache after a hard training.

Lemon: lemon essential oil is one of the most popular choices by health enthusiasts for its wide-ranging benefits. It detoxes your body, eliminates acne, and improves digestion. You can also use it to clean and disinfect your home. High in d-limonene substance it is proven to help you enjoy a positive mood whenever you inhale it. Lemon is ideal for improving one’s digestive and respiratory health, and can relieve throat irritations. With its purifying and cleansing properties, it is one of the most powerful essential oils to have on hand.

Melaleuca also known as tea tree oil: melaleuca oil brings a number of health benefits. The oil has natural cleansing and rejuvenating properties, making it an ideal choice fro fortifying the skin, promoting a younger-looking complexion, and relieving minor skin issues. You can use a cotton swab to dab it on acne blemishes, or apply it to fungal skin infections. When you put it in a diffuser you can purify the air from harmful viruses or bacteria. Especially when some of your family members or colleagues fall sick.

Frankincense: it is often called the “king of oils”, because its application can alleviate many common diseases. Minor cuts and skin irritations heal rapidly, your mind has more clarity and focus, you can see more sharply. These are just a couple examples of its healing qualities. One of the most intriguing ones is the potential cancer killing property. If you are spiritually oriented it can deepen this connection. For those who need to produce at high level it helps with the necessary concentration to get the work done. For others who are undergoing through a lot of difficulty it helps them overcome stress or despair.

Chamomile: chamomile tea and essential oil have similar properties. Both offer relaxing effects, making them ideal to use before going to sleep. When diffused, the oil’s warmth and gentleness can transform any room into a relaxing heaven. While it is commonly used in teas, we can also enjoy Chamomile in skin care products, drinks, hair care products and perfumes.

Make sure you only buy quality essential oils for your safety. You can visit la Brise de parfums’ essential oils page for a wide selection of quality essential oils.

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