Scent Marketing: Discover the Persuasive Power of Scent

Elizabeth Ho

Scent Marketing Think Outside the Box

The market always moves forward. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data… Do you also find it hard to stay on top of the new developments and marketing strategies? You are not alone. The rate of change in the last decade is simply mind-blowing. Of course as a salesperson, marketer, manager or business owner you want to be on top of your game. So why don’t you explore more senses when it comes to launching your new product or marketing campaign?

If you think that only visual and audio marketing is not enough, you might be right. Why not implement scent marketing when you make your next big move? Not only will this yield better results proven by latest scientific papers but also it can do far more for your branding efforts. On top of all that you will be considered as an innovative and forward-looking executive. How about that? So now let’s dive into the nuts and bolts.

What is scent marketing?

Scent marketing uses especially crafted fragrances targeted for commercial purposes. These fragrances are used to create alluring ambience in your place of business. The part of our brain that processes smells is closely connected with the part that handles emotions. This means when we communicate with smell, we can trigger desired emotions. Imagine how powerful can this become when you want to communicate your unique value proposition and give a healthy boost to your sales.  

One particularly profitable angle to explore is the combination of your scent logo and your packaging. This empowers you to create an impression remotely when your customer receives the long awaited product he bought from you. It works the same when she buys one in your store. You can even take advantage of different seasons. For example in Christmas time all your packaging can smell like a Christmas tree.

Apart from all this benefits scent marketing enables you to eliminate foul odours from your premises. This can be especially beneficial when you operate a gym, pet store, nightclub or medical facility. Nobody likes bad odours and pleasant smells gives you a quick solution how you can get rid of them.

How scent marketing works

Based on studies, using scent can encourage customers to stay longer in your retail store or buy more of your products. This strategy is so effective that some companies go to the next logical step and hire a scent marketing specialist from reputable fragrance company with many years of market experience. This ensures they get exactly the right scent to fit their intention and values they stand for.

But how exactly will using custom scent change the behavior of your customers?

According to research, smell is very effective when you want to instill new memories or recall the old ones. The same studies claim that only 1% of us will remember what we touch, 2% will remember what we hear, 5% will remember what we see, 15% will remember what we taste, and a whopping 35% will remember what we smell. In a nutshell – when it comes to memory smell is 700% more efficient than our video (sight) and audio (hearing) marketing messages!

The scent can also trigger good memories from our past. When your customers associate your brand with good smell it’s far easier to stay on top of their mind and receive a bigger share of their wallet. When you craft this unique and pleasant experience, you will encourage your customers to return more to your store because they subconsciously connect your environment with pleasant feelings.

The custom scent can also help you to create a desire for a specific product. This works like a charm for restaurants and cafes. Just imagine a smell of freshly brewed coffee or baked cupcakes and you are walking inside the store without even knowing why. This creates cravings in customers and can even get them to feel hungry. As Giovanni Marsicano, PhD explains: “It is clear from experimental psychology studies in humans that we take many important decisions based on smell, but we just do not realize it.”

The scent marketing can be the positive transformation you are looking for in your business as we approach the new year of 2018. So do yourself a favour and secure a private consultation with a scent marketing specialist from our team to find out how scent can bring you more dollars and cents.

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