Find Out How Scent Can Improve Your Sales

Elizabeth Ho

Scent is powerful because it can trigger strong emotions and powerful memories. When you get a whiff of coffee, or a cookie, or any other smell, the scent will be transmitted to the olfactory bulb, a crucial part of the limbic system. The limbic system is responsible for your memory and emotion. Therefore, we associate smell with pleasant or unpleasant experiences instantly. Does a nostalgic memory of your childhood’s favourite food come into your mind? With that beautiful smell? This is what we are talking about here – the power to associate certain smells with the good times you enjoyed. Now imagine that you possess the ability to associate all the good times and memories your clients experienced with your company, weave them with your unique scent logo AND irrevocably imprint them in your customers mind. This creates exactly what you want – a repeated customer coming back over an over again growing your bottom line.

The fact that some companies are still not using scent marketing is quite surprising. Scent marketers are very familiar with the fact how sense of smell can be a differentiating factor how to position their brand to become unforgettable. Important point is that you can apply it to your business even if you do not have a retail store or a hotel. For instance, if you own a corporation, you can diffuse a custom scent that enhances focus and concentration in your conference rooms. You can also do this during trainings or seminars to boost retention. Another way to do it is by offering your clients a great scent experience while visiting your fitness center or spa. After a few visits to your business facility, the customers will link the scent with the pleasant experience they had at your office or gym. This is how you can create an emotional connection with your staff or members. How does this translate into revenue? Very simply – increased productivity, decreased staff turnover, you are subconsciously on top of your customer’s mind when he again looks for a service like yours and refers his friends because of special experience you crafted for him or her.

In summary, the power of a signature scent is well worth every cent. Scent marketing companies can help you personalize any given space according to your specific needs. They understand the profound effect a proper scent can have on your customer’s mood and how it can build emotional loyalty.

If you need help choosing the right custom scents for your business, here are some tips to help you get started. These hotel scents are among the most popular aromas in the industry.

Fresh Rain – Who wouldn’t love the scent of fresh rain? For a lot of people it invokes very pleasant memories, making it ideal for your scent marketing strategy. What’s more is that the smell of fresh rain is among the subtlest of aromas so it will be appreciated by a larger number of audiences. Fresh rain scent is a mixture of earthy, fresh, and floral smell, and is made from the mixture of various plant oils. It promotes relaxation and provides a soothing effect to your customers.

Thyme and White Tea – If what you want is a crisp and clean fragrance with subtle herbal notes, go for white tea and thyme scent. The mixture provides a balance between earthy and musky notes. This scent, because of its unique composition works really well in Asia and any business serving Asian customers.

Ocean scent – the complex yet delicate scent of the ocean is very rare. It gives people the feeling of space and freedom, while others can recall the great time spent with their family on vacations and some imagine a fresh walk on the beach in summer. It can intrigue our entire being. The scent is crafted from citrus, sea spray, and sea musk. It is commonly used by hotels and resorts located along beach waterfronts.

Bamboo - The clean and encompassing aroma of bamboo triggers relaxation and comfort. It gives us the feeling of security, making it best for hotels and restaurants. This scent has jasmine petals, orange blossom, wild grasses, and white orchid as crucial ingredients.

Tea with aloe – If you want a clean scent for your resort or spa, consider choosing tea with aloe scent. It contains jasmine, gardenia, melon, and white rose. Customers and guests love this aroma for both its invigorating and refreshing effect.

Fresh cotton – Fresh cotton evokes nostalgia. Most people associate it with memory of laundry blowing in the warm breeze. You can use this scent in your freshly cleaned linens and in bathrooms.

To make the choice of the best scent for your hotel a lot easier, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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