Custom Scent – the Way to Reach Your Business Objectives

Elizabeth Ho

scent marketing how to increase sales

Have you ever wondered why scents of baked goods linger in grocery stores? Curious why the scents from a flower shop can be experienced from miles away? And most importantly do you know if the smell is real? What if I told you that we have the expertise and engineering to create any scent that you can smell out there?

These can become crucial and indispensable tools in your marketing arsenal. What’s more, when you customize a scent it can tap into the emotions of your customer and make him more receptive to products or services you offer. Just think what coffee aroma can do. You smell it, go inside a store and buy a coffee. Now what if you can increase the radius people can smell it? More sales to you. You can even fine tune it with a bit of cinnamon to boost customers appetite and buy more desserts. As a SPA or medical establishment owner you can dispense lavender fragrance and help your customers relax. This will make them enjoy your environment and come back more readily.

These days, more and more businesses are starting to understand and appreciate how powerful scent really is. It can attract customers, improve brand recall, mask foul odors, evoke memories, and a lot more.  Here are some of the ways businesses use scent marketing to put money in their pocket:


By mounting diffusers to retail stores, a retail company can easily infuse custom scent in every corner of their business facility. Signature scents can also be sprayed or worn by the staff members to produce even stronger effect inside the store. Also shopping centers use scents to improve customers’ shopping experience. They help them to ensure that customers will stay longer inside their business environment. 


While reading a magazine or catalogue, have you ever smelled a scent strip and considered buying that product? Be it a candle, perfume, or soap, smelling that scent strip can actually affect your decision whether you’ll buy the product or not. It gives you an experience of the fragrance and you don’t even need to leave your house or office! Consider this - if the magazine ad has an online shop, you can just visit their website to make the purchase. As simple as that. This is how businesses can combine print media and scent marketing to make it work for their brand. 


For some products, virtually all customer’s buying decision is based on smell. These products include candles, soaps, perfumes, and lotions. Some sophisticated companies specifically add fragrances to their product to sell more of it. For instance, the smell of a brand new car or smell of an authentic leather. These aromas all help convince buyers to make the purchase and can be intensified and improved with our scent mastery. One more thing to consider is the fact that not all customers will react to certain fragrance the same way. Some may find the smell of lavender relaxing, while others may think its overpowering.


Hotel scenting is no longer new. Many hoteliers are already incorporating this strategy into their marketing efforts. Their aim is to help the hotel guests relax and unwind during their stay. They diffuse scents in different parts of their environment including lobbies, corridors, restroom, and of course guest rooms. The fragrance helps ensure that guests perceive their hotel as a luxurious place where they are safe and comfortable.


From the moment guests arrive at casinos, they want to feel energized and confident that they’ll win. Casino owners use scent in their business facility to induce brand loyalty and prolong how long their clients stay. Of course the longer, the bigger the casino’s revenue. It can even relax them so they keep coming back for more. Gambling is already addictive as it is but with scents you have the ability condition the gambler’s emotions.

Whether you are interested in ambient scenting for your casino, hotel, or a new line of product, count on la Brise de parfums to help you. With our years of experience in the industry, rest assured that we’ll get your business that perfect custom scent in no time.

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