4 Scents to Improve Office Environment

Elizabeth Ho

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Retail stores have long been using scent marketing to increase their sales. Recently more and more corporate offices are jumping on board as well to enjoy the benefits of scenting. Using this marketing strategy allows them to connect with their employees, coworkers, and business partners on deeper, personal level.

Even if you are receiving great feedback from your staff on how much they love working for your company, it always helps to make their work environment more inviting. Through diffusing the right custom scent, it will instantly transform the four walls of your office into a pleasant and productive working space. The best thing is that you don’t even have to pay an arm and a leg to make it happen. You can just use the scientifically proven essential oils to uplift the vibe and increase productivity in your office. There are a lot of essential oils out there and each of them offers tons of health benefits.

And that’s just the beginning. If you really want to enjoy all the benefits from scent marketing place a few reed diffusers or special scenting mechanisms in your reception area. This will allow you to craft the best first impression when important client walks through the door. Suddenly the scent does the communication for you. You can appear to be conservative, classy, stylish, innovative, luxurious or anything you want. You just need to combine the different scents to create a brand aroma that represents what is it you stand for. This is the edge you are looking for when to position and differentiate yourself from the competition.

When it comes to the best combination of essential oils for your office you might have doubts where to start. That’s why we created a list of 4 best choices for you to start with on your journey of beautiful smells. The list below are the ones best known for improving the atmosphere in any office setting. Find out which custom scent to diffuse in order to achieved your desired results such as boost in performance:


Lavender is a popular choice for many essential oil lovers for its sweet, fresh, and floral aroma. It is very versatile and has numerous health benefits so one can never go wrong with choosing this fragrance. Lavender oil is highly advisable for high stress offices due to its calming properties. If you want to help your employees or coworkers reduce tension while trying to meet a tight deadline or finish a challenging project, simply diffuse a few drops of this oil and let the soothing aroma disperse into the air. Experts consider this oil as restoration balsam for entire nervous system for its proven benefits in dealing with the feelings of tension, restlessness, stress and irritation.


The king of virtually every top 10 essential oil lists. The minty fresh fragrance of peppermint essential oil stimulates your mind when you need it the most - to push through and finish THAT project. It’s also great to give your colleagues a mental boost when you the results depend on entire team. You can even use its cognitive benefits to come up with more and better ideas during your brainstorming session. Other favourite use is to have everyone alert and receptive when you run important company meeting and help them focus better and produce more once the tasks from the meeting hits their desk.


Want to help your employees smooth away the Monday blues? Diffuse Rosemary essential oil to make Monday mornings a breeze. The sweet medicinal aroma of this oil helps lower stress levels and stimulates the mind. It is also known to be effective in improving memory retention and relieving fatigue. The memory boosting qualities of rosemary essential oil are so exceptional that it can even treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Imagine how that can help you if you sometimes forget a thing or two. Like walking into a room in your house and wondering what did you wanted to do there.


Another popular choice to relieve tension and anxiety is lemon essential oil. Aside from improving the mood of your staff, this oil’s crisp and fresh aroma can do wonders in sanitising the air in your workplace. Due to its antibacterial properties, lemon essential oil plays an important role if your goal is to reduce the sick leave among your employees.

Need more details in using essential oil to improve your office environment? Call us and learn more about the benefits of using essential oils and ambient scenting. We have the expertise you need to ensure that the scent you choose will improve the productivity in your workplace.

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